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Champions Hockey League - Ice Hockey - August 2017 - Present

Updated: May 19, 2020

Since 2017 I have been involved with the Champions Hockey League, a tournament that showcases some of the best Ice Hockey teams in Europe, and has recently featured my hometown side the Cardiff Devils.

I initially worked as a reporter based at games, covering the three home games the Cardiff Devils played in the 2017/18 season, providing the league with updates on goals and any potential highlight plays during the game, and conducting post game interviews with a player from each side as well as pre-match photographs of fans and warm up to be shared on the leagues social channels.

After this season, my role expanded and I am now heading into third season in this current role where I have joined the web team. Through this I provide game previews and game recaps mainly, while I also continue to cover any game involving my hometown team Cardiff, conducting post-game interviews when needed.

I have also been tasked with writing up interviews of players from other teams. Through this I am forwarded the questions asked and the players response, and my task is then to turn it into an article which I have done on many occasion to add some depth to the interview and create a narrative to fit the quotes into.

Personal Highlights

- Ben Bowns and the Cardiff Devils looking for CHL glory (an original interview conducted and written by myself)

- McMonagle with a habit of big shootout goals (an original interview conducted and written by myself - with video)

- Joel Lundqvist becomes Frölunda's 2nd top goal scorer (Interview conducted by someone else and written up by myself)

- We're always satisfied with two points, especially against a team like that - Tyler Beskorowany (Interview conducted by someone else and written up by myself)

- It's perfect to score a goal in front of your own fans - John-Jason Peterka (Interview conducted by someone else and written up by myself)

Video Interviews

All interviews below have been conducted by myself

- Matthew Myers after home loss to Liberec

- Craig Moore of Cardiff Devils on win over Växjö

- Sean McMonagle after Cardiff Devils' shootout win against Graz99ers

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